Very Cool Infographic On Video SEO

Video is massive

You, as an internet using professional, are well aware that video is becoming more and more vital to your online presence.

In many cases, video has overtaken written content in driving traffic and generating leads for businesses.

No doubt about it, video marketing is a searing hot topic right now as we speak (or you read).

Wyzowl has conducted a survey that reveals up to 60% of online business runners have already dabbled in video as part of their business development and marketing efforts. The future for video is even more bright – 91% of entrepreneurs have the intention to invest more time, money and effort on video marketing in the coming year.

How to be a video SEO hero/ heroine

There are certain best practices to adhere to if you want your video production efforts to show fruitfulness.

The same basic rules apply to video SEO as it does to any other form of web content. You should have title, tags, description, etc all in place. Use the right keywords and stay on topic.

With videos you can also add subtitles, closed captions and transcriptions to massively boost search engine discoverability, because with all the written text, they have something to get their teeth into and figure out what the video is actually about.

Here is the infographic which I got from Take1 Transcription that really shows off some valuable information, including actionable tips about what effects you can have on video with SEO.

video seo info

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