Traffic Travis Review



  • Free version as good as other paid products.
  • Some not so great issues to be aware of…
  • Paid version is competitive.

SEO tools exist for good reason…


Search engine optimization is a quite technical and involved task. There are many different aspects to getting it right. While many of the tasks are not very difficult to learn, such as keyword research, emailing other website managers to suggest backlinks and of course creating high-quality compelling content, these can all take a huge amount of time to complete.


So search engine optimization comes at a certain cost. A website administrator can rarely spare the time required to take care of all aspects of SEO.


There exist lots of free tools designed to help with the management of all the tasks and chores required of day to day optimization. These tools need to be searched out and found in the first place.


Most of the free tools do not do enough to justify their use. They are simply too basic and some are just a waste of time.


The software under review today includes a free tier that compares well with paid solutions.


The name of the software is Traffic Travis. It is made up of a collection of tools which are specifically designed to optimize websites for higher search engine rankings.


Included in its package are:

  • general website analysis
  • pay-per-click campaign research
  • campaign monitoring
  • keyword research
  • search engine optimization


Let’s take an honest look the pros and cons of Traffic Travis, both the free and paid version in order to help form a more complete opinion of this product.


Pros and cons of Traffic Travis


Free version is very useable

The developers of Traffic Travis are confident enough in the abilities of what they have created that they are willing to give away
a lot of value for free. As mentioned, the free version is already quite complete, comparing well with many not-free packages that are out there.

Seamless Google Adwords integration

The keyword research component gets all its information from the king of keyword data – Google herself. The interface makes it intuitive and simple to check and collate all keywords and related phrases in a format that is simple to use and understand. This saves a lot of headaches in trying to use the Adwords interface itself.

Pro version is competitively priced

$97 for 12 months access to the full version is very good value for money, considering that other products charge up to $569 per MONTH for very similar functionality. In comparison, this is practically given away. Another good thing is that they ask you whether you want to continue before renewing your subscription.


Only a Windows version is available

You could probably run this on Linux with a Windows emulator, but the software is aimed at Windows users and Windows users alone.
There is no support for any other platform, which means Mac users too.

Cannot analyze competitors in free version

This useful feature is reserved for paying users only. The free version of Traffic Travis is so good, but to measure how your site stacks up against your competition, you’ll have to subscribe.

Totally reliant on Google

While the integration with Adwords is second to none, the crux of this software relies on Google continuing to exist. If Google changes anything drastic, Traffic Travis will be affected. But then so will practically the entire internet.































 Affilorama Premium

When you click on the “Add to Cart” button to purchase the Professional Edition of Traffic Travis, you are given the option to subscribe to a free trial membership for Affilorama Premium.

This is a very comprehensive and ongoing hub of online marketing activity. You will get full access to world-class online marketing education, an inside track to monthly interviews with traffic generation experts, Private Label Rights articles that you can modify and reprint yourself, and much more.

After the 30 day trial, you are billed $67 per month. A lot of subscribers find all the extra information valuable, giving them an edge in the ever evolving SEO ecosphere.

You are able to cancel easily at any time if you wish to do so.

The toolset

The tools bundled into Traffic Travis will do all the fundamental, important things to cover a solid SEO structure for any website.

First of all the website will get a full SEO audit. Checking through every page for things like broken links, proper tags in place, link formats, page rank, any warnings, Alexa rank and more.

Then there is the backlink checker tool. TT will evaluate your inbound links and even source some potentially good backlinks that would boost the rank of your site.

With TT you can be sure that the fundamentals are more than covered when it comes to the SEO of your website. You will have no holes left where you may have missed something significant, which is easy enough to do.

Much of this functionality is also present in the free version.


TT Screenshot

Free vs paid versions

The free version is very good, and has everything you need for SEO on a small to medium scale of serious web mastery. However, of course the developers are looking to make a living and have reserved a premium service for paying customers.

The differences are:

The free edition allows you 5 projects, 500 keywords for ranking research, 50 listings to analyze top ranking sites , and “just” 200 words for the keyword suggestion tool.

The professional edition, on the other hand, is unlimited. Unlimited projects, unlimited words for ranking research, very valuable access to competitor analysis features (this alone can be worth many times the subscription fee), 200 listings for analyzing top ranking sites, 2,000 words for the keyword suggestion tool, and the ability to print and save generated reports.

Paying for TT

Traffic Travis is purchasable using major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Possibly Paypal as well I haven’t checked recently.

Customer Support

The Traffic Travis team can be reached via phone, email, Twitter, or the provided online contact form on their website. They are very eager to help with queries and concerns.

There is  a fairly comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ available in the Support section of their website. Here is where you can find detailed information enlightening you on topics such as downloading and installation,  configuring your first project, keyword research, domain research, SEO analysis, and many more of the usual types of questions that come up.

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