A Search Engine that Plants Actual Trees.


You read the title right

Ecosia is a search engine that, every time you use it, they donate like half a cent towards planting a tree in Burkina Faso (that’s a country in Africa, for the geographically challenged).

The reason Burkina Faso gets the trees is that it is part of a program to reverse the massive drought that has stuck in that region for fifty years.

Trees help with that because, well, trees are just awesome.

How does it work?

You search, get your results as usual, and know that a tree is half a cent closer to being planted. That’s all. One tree costs 28 cents to plant, so after 56 searches, you’ve got a tree! Of course you wont be the only person searching, so the more people use Ecosia, the more trees get planted.


Ecosia is powered by Bing. Which you might think “meh, Bing”, but actually Bing is pretty darn good when it comes to delivering search results. Anyway, you can quite happily use Ecosia and never even think about Bing as it’s tucked away behind the scenes working busily to make Ecosia look good.

Anyway, I’m going to start using it because what other search engine plants trees?

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