Some Off The Wall Ideas For Backlinks

Out there on the internet, just a keyword search term away, is tons of great information all about the best ways to get high quality backlinks coming back to your website.

If you’ve done your reading then you will know all about writing guest posts in other people’s blogs, submitting your link to different types of user-generated content sites, perhaps doing some article marketing (yes we all know this one isn’t as effective as it used to be, but still works to an extent) as well as several other quite niche backlinking strategies. In fact you can find 17 excellent ones at

I’m going to mix things up a little bit here and try something different: 5 ways to get backlinks that are totally and utterly unique. You are guaranteed to have never seen or heard of these backlinking ideas anywhere, ever. Some of my ideas might seem quite strange or even esoteric, because I am going for totally unique content here and everything else has already been covered multiple times before, so here goes:

1. Pray for Backlinks

Yes, you could directly ask a higher power to deliver you backlinks, but that’s not what I mean. My idea is to go to a place of worship, pray, and then after the praying is done, start talking to the other worshippers there. Find out if they have businesses and websites of their own. You already have something in common; presumably your religion, so you can help each other out by backlinking your respective websites.

It would help if the websites were related by theme or topic in some way, then the links would have meaning to the search engines and carry a bit more weight. Failing that, try to get backlinks from sites with a higher page rank than your own website.

If you think business and religion doesn’t really mix, read here for some perspective.

2. Cold Call for Backlinks

First go through every business directory. Determine the businesses that are similar enough to your website topic and make a list of the ones who also have an online presence. Next go through that list one by one and make calls. Keep talking until you get to the person who can put your link on their website.

Why would they link to you? You can offer them many different types of reasons. The simplest one for you is that your website is on-topic with theirs and outlinking to you will look good to the search engines. You might offer a reciprocal link. You might promote their business in a blog post or article on your own website in exchange for a measly link on theirs.

If you don’t mind swallowing your pride and possibly being perceived as somewhat annoying, you can keep calling that list over and over until most or all of them are backlinking to you on their websites. Here you are not limited to local businesses. You can go global. For a bit of work and possibly an increased phone bill, the opportunities are infinite (they are not really, but from your point of view they may as well be).

3. Wear a Sandwich Board

Reminder: these are “off the wall” ideas to get backlinks to your website. You might have even noticed that they are quite “old school” so far, borrowed from marketing methods employed during pre-internet years (how on earth did they survive?). We remember the iconic image of someone walking around a populated area advertising a local store by wearing a sandwich board.

Ask yourself this: if it never worked and no business ever gained anything from having someone walk around the streets wearing that board, then why would the practice still persist to this day? The answer is because it does actually work. Why would it not work for getting backlinks too?

The general idea is that your board would have attractive graphics on it and whatever witty, catchy message that would entice people to take notice and read. You could offer something free in exchange for a backlink, or you could just ask for them to give you what you want outright. If you wanted to get fancy you could design a sandwich board that is digitally interactive, made of giant touchscreens that are connected to the internet. Brave folks could insert your backlink to their website directly from your sandwich board.

 4. Hire a Pilot

Ever been on the beach and seen a light aircraft flying overhead while towing a big banner displaying some message or another? Now this idea will cost a bit, possibly a lot, but is sure to generate a lot of backlinks. At least locally.

So you just hire the plane for the day and it tows its banner with your website written on it around all day. If you do it somewhere that it’s quite obnoxious like over a parade or carnival, then people will take pictures, write articles and make complaints; all while describing and linking to your website.

You’d have to ride out the storm of negative publicity for a while but as they say: “any publicity is good publicity”. After the anger and outrage has blown over, you’d have all those backlinks making your site relevant left in the blogosphere archives.

5. Door to Door Backlinking

Why not just start knocking on doors? Websites are made by people and people live in houses. It’s a numbers game and would be very arduous, but you would not be trying to get the prospects to buy anything. All you would be asking for is for them to place a link to your website.

You could optimise this approach by only going around business areas. Small businesses, large businesses, most of them have an online presence these days. All you have to do is talk the site owner into putting a link on their website.

If the business does not yet have a website, offer to put one in place for them. This could be a simple affair with some content and pictures on a WordPress theme. Of course in exchange for this valuable service you would get – a prominent backlink to your own website. The better you make the business owner’s website, the more weight would be given to its outgoing links by the search engines.

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