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Kiddle the Kids Search Engine Powered by Google

As a recent parent myself, I’m intrigued by the idea of a search engine that will restrict adult content from my child

It’s a brave new world out there, and kid’s innocent eyes these days get exposed to more debauchery than my Great Grandfather had seen in a lifetime.

I am resigned to the fact that I’m not going to be able to stop it. As soon as my boy makes friends at school with someone outside of our family circle, I will consider him exposed. That is at least from where he will learn the search terms to type in.

Though I cannot fully shield his eyes and mind from the more distasteful parts of the world and the internet, that does not mean I will allow unrestricted access to all content starting from day one.

Here’s where Kiddle comes in.

Powered by Google safe search as well as manual editors, Kiddle will allow my child to search the internet to his heart’s content, without running into images of human and animal anatomy that I would rather he not see in a particular context so early in his young life.

Tech Times tells us that there is quite intensive human intervention in the search results. The top three results for any search term will always be hand picked by editors. These will be sites actually created for children and deemed safe by the editors.

The rest of the results will be normal Google results that have passed through the safe search filter.

If/when the kids do type a naughty word in to Kiddle, they see something like this:

The rather upset looking robot tells them to try again.

Kiddle’s database of “bad words” is extensive and contains words you and I didn’t even know exist. So all bases are covered there.

Another filtering ability of Kiddle means that if a child runs a search on their favorite pop star, they will not see news and images of their latest drug fueled and scandalous orgy. They will only see the child friendly version of said pop star.

As I said, you will not stop your child from ever seeing unsavory or explicit content. They will hide round the garages with Timmy’s rooted smartphone, they will sneak onto a parent’s unlocked laptop late at night during a sleepover, they will hack the school firewall, or the one you put on place.

You can only try to do your best.

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