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How I got this site to the top rank on bing


backbingis what you see on bing when you type the keywords “backlinks for seo” into the search bar there.

Some other searches have also shown another page from this website in both the first and second positions.

The position is for this website’s target keyphrase, which also happens to be an exact match domain (EMD) keyword.

EMD’s carry less weight in search ranking today than they have in the past, but there is still an influence in the actual domain name of a website.

Not only does bing regard this site as having high relevancy to the keyphrase, but so does Yahoo!

While not in the number one slot, we are there on the first page in about position seven. The screenshot doesn’t show the position clearly but a quick test on Yahoo! will confirm what I say here is true.


This being the case, I must be doing something right to achieve those positions.

At the time of writing, however, Google still does not like this domain. I believe the previous domain name owner did some things that Google really did not like, so they de-listed this domain name. Perhaps if they see that the new management is sincere and dedicated to providing top quality, relevant content, they might change their view.

This is called facing the harsh reality that what Google does and does not do is completely out of our control.

So how did I achieve those rankings on bing and Yahoo!?

Take a look around. You’ll see that I put some time into researching and writing good content.

Every piece written on here is totally unique and checked for spelling and grammar consistency. This is becoming more and more important in SEO these days. The search engine super computers are able to analyse written content. Poor wording and bad spelling will cause ranking to plummet. This counts for whichever language you are working with.

I’ve studied the top ranking websites for my target keywords and incorporated some of their information.

It’s an obvious tactic. See what the search engines already deem relevant enough for high rankings and then emulate and improve on what you find there.

Do not directly copy anything, but simply learn from them and put things down in your own way.

You might see what is ranking at the top and then deliberately create content that completely blows that out of the water, in terms of depth of research, writing quality and overall value provided. The more effort you put in here the better the pay-off.

Of course you’ll have to decide on how much effort is worth it to you. Can you work on an blog post or web page for 2 weeks, 6 months, a year before publishing? This can be a huge time and money investment to get right.

The risk is then that your content is de-listed at the whim of the search engine. This shouldn’t happen so easily if you stick to the rules, but again, when Google decides to pick up their ball and go home, there’s nothing you or I can do about it.

I’ve read and applied the best SEO guidance and advice out there

This is a crucial step in ranking your website. How does one find the best SEO advice available? Well, search engines are pretty good at imparting information. With the fairly recent shift in focus to serving up quality results, you can be reasonably sure that your SEO based search queries will be of good value.

My favourite of these sources, as I’ve mentioned more than once elsewhere on this site, is From learning and applying just a couple of the concepts revealed by Brian Dean, I have noticed enormous leaps in search rankings for not only this website but others that I manage as well.

You might consider that I am in competition with backlinko here, well if that’s the case then he is winning hands down at this point in time and from his position at the front he is helping others to get along. So kudos where it is due.

Another source that I had learned a lot from the ground, starting from zero is Google Sniper

Now there has been a lot of controversy surrounding George Brown and some of his later product releases, but for a basic set-up on WordPress, this course is great.

Note that I’ve supplied an affiliate link for Google Sniper there and if you decide to buy the course through that link you’ll be doing me a solid favour.

The type of information given by George Brown (at least in the early iterations of Google Sniper) include such things as useful plugins for WordPress SEO and how to have them configured, effective theme types, keyword research, domain name selection and other things.

Some say that a lot of this information is now outdated. Sure, it is not so effective as it once was, but still provides anyone with an edge of knowledge.

I have personally ranked sites to the number one spot on Google for their target keyword using these methods. I still incorporate many of them today.

Keyword awareness

So you’ve done your keyword research and now know exactly which keywords you want to target and rank for in the search engines. Great, so I’d better mention those words at every possible opportunity throughout my entire site, right?


Sure, you should have those keywords in prominent positions such as headings, titles even the domain name if it fits. The point though, is not to overdo it. The best means of keyword management within your content is to write as naturally as possible about the content’s subject.

This way, you will effortlessly include all the related keywords as well as use your main keywords at the right rate without it looking “forced”.

I try to keep a relaxed, conversational tone in my content that, while providing value to the reader (I hope), is also easy to read (I hope again).


Without going into great detail, I have given away the exact concepts that I have used to get this website ranking in high positions over a few search engines. They were as follows:

  • Know your competition – and do better than them where you can.
  • Read up on SEO theory. Then apply what you learn.
  • Be restrained in targeted keyword use. Talk (write) naturally about your subject matter.

At this time, Google continues to keep this domain buried from their top listings. That doesn’t deter me though. As the site grows in size and popularity, things will change.

Who knows, maybe Google won’t remain as king of the hill forever.

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